Sewist . Photographer . Painter

About Me

When I paint, sew or take photos I practice letting loose and avail myself to the present moment. I take inspiration from the freedom that creating provides. I am translating the awe of everyday life into the work I create. My process is fueled by pure excitement for the project at hand. I can’t seem to cut, shoot, paint or sew fast enough and often just need to break into a dance to celebrate working. I am attracted to contrasts, open empty places, and anything that subverts expectations. I moved every 11 months during my childhood, this led to developing strengths in adaptability and exploration. Hours were spent outdoors in the deserts of Southern California, lakes of Minnesota, woods in Virginia and the alleyways in Chicago. During my moves and travels I took the opportunity to pursue art classes at the Torpedo Art Factory in Old Town Alexandria, Itisness in Portland, and the Santa Fe Artist Getaway in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


For me, sewing is a practice that commands presence of mind and attention to detail. The finished product is never immediate and often requires much patience and practice. Like life, sewing happens one stitch at a time... the magic is in the process.


I prefer telling stories through images. I've expressed myself through photography for decades. Photos often become the reason to hike further, take an unknown road or to continue looking around each corner. The world is beautiful and I enjoy capturing it!


My focus has been on fiber arts and photography but during the pandemic I began exploring acrylic painting and enjoyed expressing myself in a new way. I will continue to venture off the beaten path in order to stoke my inspiration and keep creativity flowing.

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