Sewist . Photographer . Web Developer

About Me

I am an inspired and self motivated person. I'm either sewing, shooting photos of remote places, or taking people to places they've never seen. My desire to create and share my excitement with others leads the way.

I have been fortunate to travel to many places on this awesome globe of ours, and I make a point to show my gratitude by doing that for others. I love all forms of art that disrupts the routine and gets people to experience a moment differently than usual. I create art and place it in public spaces throughout the year- all in the attempt to disrupt the routine for anyone paying attention.

My mission is to create and add beauty into the world, share with others, and to inspire people to try new things. I believe this can be accomplished through art, exploration and openness.

Sewing as Meditation

For me, sewing is a practice that commands presence of mind and attention to detail. The finished product is never immediate and often requires much patience and practice. Like life, sewing happens one stitch at a time... the magic is in the process.


I prefer telling stories through images. I've expressed myself through photography for decades. Photos often become the reason to hike further, take an unknown road or to continue looking around each corner. The world is beautiful and I enjoy capturing it!

Web Design

Web design is a perfect way to share what you love with others. Its a way to express yourself, connect with people, and expand your reach. I've enjoyed designing websites since the mid 1990's. I've worked for artists, media outlets and small businesses.

Website Design


Need a new website or an update to an existing website? I'm happy to make edits, updates or create a new website for you or your company. I can create a professional look that is affordable.


Need your website optimized in order to get more traffic? I can bring your existing or new site increased search engine traffic. I can help you get social, inspire trustworthiness, create internal links to new content, and make sure your site loads fast!


Interested in selling your goods or services online? I can set up and configure an e-commerce solution for you/your business, as well as input all your items for sale.

Content Creation

Looking for crafted content that best represents you and your brand while satisfying your searchers' intent? I can create content that will best convey your business identity, authority in your field and trustworthiness .

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