FOOD/LIFE (6/2001)

Well it could happen but it probably wont. Me going vegan that is. I have been working at the Itisness studio for two months now and both of my bosses are vegan. They have never pushed their values on me but they have made lunch for everyone several times and it is always deeelish. The point being that I am shocked at the discovery that vegan food doesn't have to be bland or taste like cardboard. My taste buds have done little dances and rumbled with joy. Call me sheltered, but I had beets for the first time last week- and yum! I almost feel cheated - or kept from a good secret. Levi (one of my bosses) makes a killer vegan sandwich that you _have_ to try. Be brave, you may be pleased with your results. Here is the recipe:
    Toast some spelt bread.
    Add a bit of veganaise on the bread.
    Cut some slices of avocado (mash or keep as slices).
    Add several fresh basil leaves and ground pepper.
    Add some of the fakin bacon you've just warmed up (2-3 slices).
    Top with slices of cucumber.

    EAT and BELIEVE :)
Now the spelt is optional and you are always able to substitute where you like, the veganaise perhaps... Levi uses all organic foods when he cooks and he swears that they are more nutritious and tasty- the point is to try something different and challenge your existing ideas. Maybe you -hate- avocado as is, but it may take on another life for you when mixed with other ingredients. Play play play! I've tried reproducing a lot of the dishes that they make but the sandwich is the only thing to really come out perfect. Other ideas, yam soup with fresh cilantro, beets on salad, and steamed veggies on rice. I have also tried various vegan products from markets and grocery stores. For the "best cookie in the galaxy" which is vegan just try Alternative Baking's pumpkin spice cookie. The oatmeal raisin is good too. For a low fat, wheat free, dairy free cookie I suggest the chocolate chip cookie by Healthy Valley. And fakin bakin in a sandwich will rock your world... so try it! For additional ideas try this vegan source.